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Parent Involvement


Parent Involvement

Get Involved!Research shows that the number one indicator of a child’s success in school is parent involvement. Involvement includes simple things like attending conferences, checking grades on Parent Portal, providing a quiet study location, having family dinners, and discussing your child’s day.    Parent Liaisons - Becca Pakter & Alissa Ostroot

Becca and Alissa serve as a liaison between teachers, parents, students, support staff and the community regarding educational programs, services and various student issues; assist in coordinating and arranging various programs and services to meet the needs of students.

Special Talents?

We are also interested in your special talents. Would you be willing to come and share with a class about your job, travels, hobbies or anything else unique to you? Do you enjoy gardening or repairing items? Get creative! We would love to find a special place for you.   Background Checks  

  • Criminal background checks are required for volunteers who will have contact with students.
  • Contact with students includes field trips that involve a volunteer in charge of a group, and students are not directly under the supervision of a district employee at all times.
  • Contact with students also includes any activity in the building where students may be in proximity of the volunteer, and students are not directly under the supervision of a district employee at all times.
  • The cost of volunteer background checks is $10.25 payable by applicants via the Trusted Employees website. Only personal credit cards are accepted.
  • Background checks for volunteers must be renewed every three school years.

Background checks can take time to process. If you think you would like to volunteer over the next three years, we encourage you to proactively submit for a background check now!   CLICK HERE to fill out a volunteer interest form or contact with questions.